Ancelotti, which country does he support at the World Cup?

Ancelotti, which country does he support at the World Cup?

Since Italy has once again failed to qualify for a World Cup, Carlo Ancelotti has decided to support another selection at the 2022 World Cup which is being played in Qatar.

As in 2018, Italy let slip its ticket for the world Cup. If the selection trained by was crowned European champion in the summer of 2021, it is therefore not present in this month of November on the side of Qatar. For Carlo Ancelotti, an emergency solution has been found and the transalpine technician of the Real Madrid decided to support Canada.

And if Carlo Ancelotti encourages the Canucks, it is not by chance since his wife, Maria Barrena McClay, was born in Vancouver. A reason all found for her husband. In an interview granted to an Italian media and relayed by the Dailymail, Ancelotti did not close the door to the possibility of one day training the Canadian selection. ” I could train a national team (…), maybe during the 2026 World Cup, why not. If it’s Canada, why not! I would love to, that’s for sure. »

At Real until 2024

For the time being, the sixty-three-year-old man has a lot to do with his Real Madrid team, with whom he is contracted until June 2024. Once free, it will be time for him to take stock of what he intends to do. His path could one day cross that of the Canadian selection.

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