The incredible decision of the King of Saudi Arabia



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    Lionel Messi (4)

    It was not a simple trip to Ligue 1, but a first World Cup match against a team that gave everything, and Messi seemed disconnected from this issue. A disaster. He opened the scoring from the penalty spot (10th) before being denied two goals for offside (22nd and 35th). It is mainly him who loses the ball in his camp on the opposing equalizer (48th), then he is too slow to conclude (56th). Attacking on the right of Lautaro, he did not pick up for a long time, before doing it at 2-1 for the Saudis. Without success. He sends a header on the opposing goalkeeper and misses his last opportunity in added time (95th).

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    Lautaro Martinez (4.5)

    The “Toro” did not go far from the goal of the break, with a nice dive in front of the opposing goalkeeper (27th), but the VAR detected an offside. He looks physically fit and the Argentinians are counting on him by throwing him deep. He also tries to serve Messi but it does not go to the end (57th). At the loss of the ball, his activity clashes with Messi.

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    Papu Gomez (4)

    He got off to a good start. Left midfielder, he has often refocused to lead the game of his team and launches Lautaro nicely for a goal disallowed by the VAR (27th). His technical precision, his game intelligence to play in the opponent’s block and his passes can make the difference. Shame. It faded quickly.

  • 4/8

    Angel DiMaria (3)

    There is a hitch in Scaloni’s game plan, and more specifically with the role of Di Maria, who plays completely on the wing, glued to the touchline. The former PSG player has shown himself to be voluntary, but from this position, he has less of an impact on the meeting with his passes and is even predictable. His second period is catastrophic.

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    Rodrigo DePaul (3.5)

    The usual soldier of this Albiceleste has failed. He had more activity than Leandro Paredes (in real 6), trying to find his attacking teammates, but did not stand out under the opposing pressure. After a bad pass in the first period, he was overtaken by the second Saudi goal (63rd). He does not adjust a shot in a good position in front of the goal (42nd).

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    Nicolas Tagliafico (3.5)

    The two Argentinian full-backs Molina and Tagliafico quickly appeared to be the weak points of the team and the Lyon left-hander does not have the excuse of inexperience. He is not a great attacker, but he was too messy in his lane, not offering a reliable relay for his teammates. Released at 70th after a huge opportunity sent to the opposing goalkeeper.

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    Mohammed Al Owais (7.5)

    And to think that he is not the number 1 goalkeeper in Al-Hilal. The Saudi goalkeeper pulled out all the stops, especially in the second half, by repelling a recovery from Tagliafico at close range (63rd), leaving his area (73rd) or capturing a header from Messi (84th).

  • 8/8

    Salem Al-Dawsari (6)

    He is the team’s star player, the technical talent capable of turning a game around and he proved it by giving his team the advantage with a curled shot (63rd). wow.

The King of Saudi Arabia declared a national holiday on Wednesday after the country’s feat against Argentina at the World Cup.

What a sensation ! This Tuesday afternoon in Qatar, Saudi Arabia offered the scalp of Lionel Messi’s Argentina (2-1) for its entry into the running in this 2022 World Cup.

A resounding feat that will go down in the history of the country. Moreover, to mark the occasion, King Salman, on the proposal of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, decided to declare a public holiday this Wednesday, reports Arab News.

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