Hamilton, a very expensive piercing


The Briton, who chose to keep his nose piercing, forced his team to pay a fine of 25,000 euros.

Mercedes had to checkout for Lewis Hamilton. The reason ? The nose piercing worn by the British driver, which forced the FIA ​​to impose a fine of 25,000 euros on the German team.

Since the start of the season, the FIA ​​strives to enforce the jewelery and body piercing regulations. But Hamilton explains that it is very complicated for him to remove his piercing, and he has decided to keep it for medical reasons.

“They gave me for many races an exemption so that I could find a solution, explained the seven-time world champion. I tried putting it on and taking it off. It got infected because of that. I had a blood blister and a sore on my nose. That’s all I told them before qualifying. (…) I put it back in place and in the last two weeks it started to heal and the doctors asked me to keep it. »

The problem is that Mercedes, which had warned the FIA ​​that Hamilton had removed all its piercings and jewelry, forgot to report this new change. Hence the fine against the German team…

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