Ruud pledges allegiance to Haaland


On the eve of his Grand Slam final at the US Open, Casper Ruud returned to his special star status in Norway. In the shadow, however, of a certain Erling Haaland.

Casper Ruud will play his second final of a Grand Slam tournament at the US Open during the night of Sunday to Monday after that of Roland-Garros lost against Rafael Nadal. In addition to having the opportunity to lift the first major trophy of his career, the Norwegian could kill two birds with one stone because the throne of world number one will be promised to the winner of his duel between him and the Spaniard. Alcaraz. Despite his sparkling form and growing popularity, he is still overshadowed in his home country by superstar Erling Haaland.

“An incredible season so far. And we all hope he will continue to score. It’s a joy to see him score goal after goal,” Casper Ruud told the press ahead of his final before discussing the iconic status of the Manchester City footballer. ” He is obviously the biggest star we have in Norway right now and he will probably continue to be for many years to come. he wished, admiring his compatriot. Difficult indeed to compete with a planetary star of the round ball.

“Put Norwegian tennis on the map”

Relegated to the background on the national scene, the tennis player knows that he is no match for it. So certainly to a lesser degree, he is nonetheless aware that he represents a national symbol through his performances. “Wherever I go I represent Norway (…) because the norwegian flag is always behind or in front of my name. So I want to represent Norway in a good way and put Norwegian tennis on the map a bit more than it has been in previous years. I hope I can represent Norway and the Norwegian people in a good way when I travel and play.” No doubt with his final looming at Flushing Meadows, he couldn’t have asked for a better showcase.

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