Mendy trial: The 2nd day disrupted



  • 1/12

    Crown Court

    Chester, August 10, 2022. Benjamin Mendy leaves the court of justice.

  • 2/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    It’s time for his trial…

  • 3/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    Seven young women accuse the former Citizen of rape.

  • 4/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    The footballer was released on bail pending trial.

  • 5/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    The French world champion is in turmoil.

  • 6/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    He now faces seven rape charges.

  • 7/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    His club Manchester City immediately suspended him.

  • 8/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    He won three Premier League titles with Manchester City.

  • 9/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    Winner of the 2018 World Cup with the Blues.

  • 10/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    His last selection with the Blues dates back to November 2019.

  • 11/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    He wore the blue jersey 10 times.

  • 12/12

    Benjamin Mendy

    Champion of France with Monaco in 2017.

Technical problems prevented, among other things, the defense of the French footballer from speaking.

A technical problem got the better of the second day of hearing of the trial during which Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie will face several counts of rape of young women. Tuesday, at the beginning of the afternoon, the British media evoked a malfunction of a TV (the sound a priori) in the room of the Crown Court of Chester.

The sound was obviously not audible on the speakers, which caused an initial interruption of an hour, specifies The Daily Mail. Faced with the persistence of the problem, the president of the court postponed the proceedings to Wednesday.

In particular, we were to see the interrogations of the alleged victims carried out by the police. We can imagine these testimonies confirming the statement of facts with which the prosecutor was responsible on Monday, describing in particular the 2018 world champion as a “sexual predator”.

This August 16 was also scheduled to helm the defense of the former left side of OM. Benjamin Mendy faces life imprisonment.

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