Tour de France: Martin still has doubts

Tour de France: Martin still has doubts

Forced to leave the Tour de France because of the Covid-19, Guillaume Martin still wonders if certain teams really played the game during the Grande Boucle.

Guillaume Martin has found a smile. The French climber won the 2nd stage of the Tour de l’Ain on Wednesday, by winning alone at Lagnieu, and he also took the lead in the general classification. Enough to relaunch the Cofidis rider, who still has in mind his retirement from the Tour de France, after a positive test for Covid-19.

“The Tour will take a while to digest, did he react on Wednesday near DirectVelo. I hear certain things, teams that continued to run runners with the Covid… For my part, I had no symptoms and I had to leave. It was a bit grotesque and I still don’t understand how it happened, but it was still a big disappointment. »

Martin therefore still has some doubts about the Tour de France. Just after his retirement, at the time of the last day of rest, he was already wondering if all the teams were playing fair with regard to the Covid-19. “It’s completely at the discretion of the teams and some try to take advantage of the gaps in the regulations. I don’t regret being legit from an ethical standpoint, but it’s clear that when you’re too nice, you get screwed”he had cursed, denouncing a ” soft focus ” caused by the new protocol.

A disputed but renewed protocol

Curiously or not, the regulations will however be the same on the Vuelta with regard to the Covid-19. An antigen test two days before departure, checks on rest days, and the rest at the discretion of each team. In addition, as on the Tour, a positive test will not necessarily mean exclusion from the race, since each will be studied individually.

Martin, he is not concerned, since he will not compete in the Tour of Spain, where he had nevertheless shone for the past two years (best climber in 2020, 9th in 2021). “I wanted to go there… But the team has other goals. I’m already 62 days into the race, it’s really a lot. And there is this famous race for points where the Grand Tours are not very profitable. It’s sad, but it’s this system that makes me more likely to be in one-day races. »

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