Yves Bouget’s somewhat crazy project will ultimately not be completed as it stands. After a flood of rumours, the president of the National Volleyball League (LNV) confirmed at the beginning of July his idea of ​​expanding the men’s League A (LAM) to sixteen teams with the repechage of AS Cannes, relegated a year after his title of champion of France, and the integration of the national team of China. While such a project would have brought a significant financial windfall to professional clubs, it came up against the barely veiled reluctance of certain leaders and unanimity could never be found. In addition, the Ministry of Sports has looked into the subject. ” The Ministry encouraged us to review our project and to amend it, to make substantial changesYves Bouget recently confided in comments collected by RMC Sport. Consequently, the project as presented cannot be ready for the 2022-2023 season. »

The LNV does not see the project being completed before 2024

For the president of the LNV, thehe objections put forward by the services headed by Amélie Oudéa-Castera require “rewriting a project and that cannot be done in a fortnight or three weeks”. In other words, the leaders of French professional volleyball are renouncing to integrate the Chinese men’s selection into the men’s League A in the near future but also to the financial windfall that this would have brought. ” French professional volleyball will lose two million euros, i.e. the amount of the proposed contract. Other resources will have to be found, admitted Yves Bouget. This magnificent project will not start for the 2022-2023 season, nor for 2023-2024. It did not jeopardize our League A and it would have filled our rooms. “While Narbonne is under administrative demotion due to accounts in the red, vagueness reigns over the number of clubs that will play in the top flight next season.