The tricolor swordsmen were unable to bring a new medal. After seeing the final escape them by the narrowest of margins against Italy, the quartet formed by Marie-Florence Candassamy, Joséphine Jacques-André Coquin, Auriane Mallo and Lauren Rembi were planning to end the day on a very good note and bronze medal. Opposed to Poland on the occasion of this small final, the Habs believed in it until the end but, once again, the scenario finally proved to be opposite. While Les Bleues counted up to three touches in advance in the penultimate attack, Marie-Florence Candassamy passed the baton to Auriane Mallo with a length of delay. Opposed to Renata Knapik-Miazga, the latter could not go the distance. Winning the first two touches before a double, the Pole gave her team a small mattress.

Les Bleues give in to sudden death

But, seven seconds from the end of the assault, the Blues came back to a small touch before equalizing with one second still on the clock. Sudden death then decided between the two formations with the priority given to the Habs if the extra minute did nothing. However, after 23 seconds, it was Renata Knapik-Miazga who found the loophole to offer victory and the bronze medal to Poland (34-33). The French team thus concludes this day without an additional medal after the titles won by Romain Cannone, Ysaora Thibus and Enzo Lefort. However, the French foil fencers and the French swordsmen are still in the running for a podium before their quarter-finals at the end of the world championships in Cairo.