The Paris sports management has made a big decision for the goalkeeper position in anticipation of next season. After sharing the spotlight with his more experienced teammate, Gianluigi Donnarumma will take the reins from the sporting exercise 2022-2023. Informed of the decision of its leaders, Keylor Navas is now seeking to sign with a new formation.

Under contract until June 2024, the former porter of the Real Madrid will not be retained by the Ligue 1 team during the next transfer market. the PSG not going to be greedy in this case. The club are ready to let him go against a check for 10 million euros. The operation could, however, be compromised by another equally important element.

According to information from the Team, the salary of Keylor Navas could deter potential suitors. The Costa Rican earns one million euros a month and he clearly has no intention of lowering his salary expectations.

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