For his big comeback at Old Trafford, the five-time Ballon d’Or made the show. Author of a great performance and having greatly contributed to the great success of his team against Newcastle (4-1), the Portuguese star began his new Mancunian adventure with a double. If his return to the “Théâtre des Rêves” appears today to be the best choice for Cristiano Ronaldo, this was not the case in recent weeks. Having initially considered a departure to the Skyblues, the 36-year-old striker finally regained his club of heart thanks to the help of several legends of the Red Devils dont Sir Alex Ferguson.

« I’m excited like everyone else. It’s a big day for Manchester United. A lot of people played a role (bringing Ronaldo back) and I contributed knowing that Cristiano really wanted to come here, said the former Manchester United coach in an interview with Swedish media Viaplay. It was important. It worked very well. I wouldn’t say it’s emotional but it’s exciting for me and a relief because I couldn’t imagine him playing for Manchester City. »

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