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Killian Hayes: “Our real rookie season is now”

French player who was selected with the highest draft pick in 2020 (7th) Killian Hayes is ready to start his second season in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons who are in the process of rebuilding.

As he begins his second NBA season on October 21 against the Chicago Bulls, Killian Hayes and his Detroit Pistons will begin a new year of reconstruction with a future great player by his side, another playmaker: Cade Cunningham. The Michigan franchise number 7, gave a long interview to the team. He delivered on his last season with his injury and the difference with the European game, then on his creativity as a leader. ” It’s true that with the guys, we tell ourselves that our real rookie season is the one that will begin. Last year you lacked the energy of the public that can boost you and make you win“Said the native of Lakeland, Florida.

An injury that shakes up the scenarios

He also addressed the difficulty of starting a rookie season well with “scenarios” in the head quickly stopped by a three-month long injury. ” At the time, it was frustrating. When you arrive in the NBA, you have scenarios in your head. And you find yourself stuck in your tracks. It’s hard at first, and I took it as a challenge. You imagine yourself as a hero, but that’s not the reality. When you get drafted, you see yourself getting 20 points per game. And then when something happens to you like an injury, you have to think quickly and move on quickly. For the son of DeRon Hayes, also a former professional basketball player, the big difference between Europe and the NBA lies in the intensity but on the mental aspect. Before, I was not so aware of the importance of mental health. Now she is very important. It is imperative to be well psychologically, in order to be motivated every day. It’s hard, with 82 matches, to be connected. »

Creativity instinctively

If Killian Hayes is one of the best players of his generation at the post of leader it is thanks to his creativity and his unparalleled vision of the game, this outstanding passer evoked this aspect of the game. “My vision of the game I don’t know. haven’t really learned. It’s instinct and creativity. Sometimes it’s a tough pass to do but you want to do it. I work on them of course, but it is by instinct that the beautiful pass arrives. I’m still trying to make the pass that seems impossible, but I’ll find a way to slide it between the defenders. That’s it, creativity is finding the solution to make difficult passes. “Very quickly, the leader (or rear) will have the opportunity to put his qualities back to the service of the Pistons to get the best possible record.



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