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Benzema is class

If the Blues failed during Euro 2020, stalling in the round of 16 against Switzerland, Karim Benzema has managed his comeback in the France team.

He could have, he should have been the hero of this round of 16 against the Nati. In less than five minutes, Karim Benzema had indeed changed a meeting very badly started. Thanks to these two goals in the first place, the first of which scored after a marvel of control on a poorly given ball by Kylian Mbappé. But before making the powder speak in front of the goal, the Madrid striker had also found the words to allow Hugo Lloris to stop his first penalty for nine years with the France team. While Switzerland had the opportunity to take two goals in advance, the former Lyonnais had indeed slipped some advice in the ear of his captain.

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Later, while the tide was once again turning, it was again Karim Benzema who tried to calm his partners with “quiet, guys, quiet”. This time in vain. To believe The team, the coolness of the Madrid striker nonetheless impressed his partners. Especially when taking his penalty, against Portugal, when he still had not opened his counter since his comeback in the France team and had missed his attempt in his first match against Wales.

Karim Benzema will not have ceased, during this gathering, to bluff his partners. Especially the youngest, like Kylian Mbappé, but also Jules Koundé or Marcus Thuram. “Marcus told me it was the big class, has also confided a relative of the Mönchengladbach striker. He is impressed with his mental strength. His seriousness marked the young people, whether in training, in recovery or in matches. They admire his technique, his first touch of the ball and his ability to frame both left and right. It is an example for them. “ And Didier Deschamps, who has never ceased to support him since the announcement of his great return, would undoubtedly be no less laudatory towards him.

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