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Benzema, “it was getting a little awkward …”

Guest of our podcast Golazo, Nabil Djellit was delighted with the return of Karim Benzema to the French team.

The great return of Karim Benzema among the Blues never ceases to react. And if some regret his presence among the 26 players selected by Didier Deschamps for the Euro, the vast majority of French supporters are delighted with the about-face of the French coach with regard to the No. 9 Madrid. Nabil Djellit is one of them. Guest of Golazo, the new podcast, the journalist from France Football had only good things to say about the return of KB9.

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“It was getting a bit awkward in football terms. He was doing an alien season, a Golden Ball season, he thus launched. For some time now, he’s been a different player. Physically, he has become a Cristiano Ronaldo bis. He is also another player in what he does footballistically. He is an extremely altruistic player. It’s a 9, a 10 and sometimes even an 8. ” Real Madrid leader bis, Karim Benzema is now “at Messi’s table”.

Didier Deschamps’ decision nonetheless surprised Nabil Djellit. “There is something to be surprised about, he confided. We could hope so, especially since he is at the top footballistically. He has maintained such a level that he has always managed to sportingly leave the question in the debate. “ So much so that he managed to change the looks on him. “Opinion has changed. Its image will always be divisive, it is its history. It was pretty negative three or four years ago. Today she has changed, he continued. He tipped the French sports public in his favor thanks to his performances. And at 33, he has a certain maturity. He’s a more peaceful boy. And Didier Deschamps must have felt it. He told himself this is the right timing. “

And to believe Nabil Djellit, the French coach comes out of this return of Karim Benzema. “The big winner is Deschamps. He pulled off a masterstroke. No matter what happens, the record will be immaculate. The big forgiveness. “ And all the more so as the French coach seems to have taken the first step. But “DD” could have been helped: “Maybe Zidane had a role. I think so. I don’t have any info but that wouldn’t surprise me. ”

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